Fernando Albert Salinas

Dolores, Lady of Sorrows

You jade!
Making love to me
while you stare defiantly
at posterity
What a bricky girl you are
My whole body in your hand
held tighter than the choker 
you wear like
butter on bacon—
black as your bangs

I craved your awful mouth
again, your teeth
taking lips in gentle nibbles,
tearing your tangles
in my daddles,
nanty narking on our knees 
beguiled behind the pews
practically naked
You’ve left me gigglemugging 
long beyond the browning 
of the photograph we posed in
on the steps of Dolores Catholic School 

In the heat of your grip, 
my addled heart,
indifferent to immortality
will they see us touching?
Will they forgive us
hundreds of years from now
for this love?

After the Edson Smith Photo Collection Class of 5th Ward School

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