Peg Quinn

Undated Letter to Edson Smith

Dear Sir,
I am honored, though
your strange gadgets
halted my work.
The picture you handed,
not a sketch or painting, 
but magic. A photograph 
of horseback riders.

Sir, I have family. 
We camp near the creek
where we bathe. 
If mockingbirds sing 
at night, we are too deep
in sleep to hear. 
Light, and the robin 
wake me.
I rise to stir fire embers.
We hope for better. 
My wife dreams of fabric 
curtains, and so I labor.

You will be back with
my photograph at the adobe.
A lucky man I am, one 
moment, trapped, forever.

Muchas gracias, Señor

After the Edson Smith Photo Collection Bernarda Ruiz Adobe

Peg Quinn has a B.F.A. in Education from the University of Nebraska and is a visual artist and educator. Her poetry and creative non-fiction have been published in numerous journals and anthologies and three-times nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her debut book, Mother Lode, was published by Gunpowder Press in 2021. Also by this poet “Girl on a Donkey